The Russian Seasons company opens its maison by presenting the first Cockerel collection of clothes and accessories developed in cooperation with Russian handicraft manufactories. Check out the Russian Seasons line of clothes at and on our Instagram account @russianseasons_store. Go shopping online.

The promise of the Russian Seasons maison is the revival of the Russian handicrafts and their integration into modern trends. The debut collection of the Russian Seasons Fashion House was developed by the founder of the company, Daria Matsievskaia, and represents Russian handicrafts: Tarusa embroidery and Karelian patterns.

Russian Seasons products are made by hand in the traditional manner by professional craftsmen in ancient handicraft manufactures. Each item in the collection is made by order: this is how we solve the problem of overproduction and pay special attention to the global environmental agenda. 

“We gave each of the items its own name: “Natasha, “Katya”, “Tanya”, “Dasha” and “Eva” and other names came to the collection from Russian literature or were named after real Russian girls. The names of seamstresses and embroiderers are placed on all products of the collection that allows to preserve authorship and convey warmth and emotions from the master to the customer.

The accent of the collection is a line of accessories which includes a neck warmer, a basque, cuffs and a handbag made using “white stitching”, “hemstitching” and “color intertwine” techniques. The main character of the embroidery is “cockerel”.

Our goal was to create clothes wearing which a girl, wherever she was, would look like Russian: aristocratic and gentle. It doesn't matter where our heroine lives – in Moscow, Dubai or New York.

Russian Seasons is proud to work with Russian manufacturers. Sustaining and promoting Russian manufactures, designers and craftsmen Russian Seasons sustains positive social and personnel changes in those regions, where our cooperative manufactures and brands are located. By promoting traditional handicrafts, we draw the attention of the state and the media to the needs and prospects of handicraft manufactories.