Russian Seasons maison presents a new collection Russian Lady dedicated to genuine femininity in all its forms.

Spectacular, strong, charismatic and at the same time tender and sensual - this is the description of the main heroine of the collection Russian Lady who harmoniously combines soft femininity and strong character. Each item of the collection has its own mood emphasizing the individuality of its owner.

Luxurious velvet and seductive silk as main materials of the collection have allowed creating truly elegant and charming silhouettes, inspired by the style of the 1950s and carried over to the present time.

A calm nude palette of colors coexists with rich black, red and hot pink, which makes the collection discreetly romantic and passionate at the same time.

The general mood of the collection is supported by a line of accessories: silk and mesh gloves illustrate the women hands' fragility and give a special aristocratic chic to the dresses while voluminous flowers and a velvet choker bring an atmosphere of luxury and 'joie de vivre' motive to any look.

Professional tailors and embroiderers in the atelier of the Russian Seasons maison make the collection entirely by hand. Using the secrets of handicraft traditions allows them to add perfection to all our brand’s creations.